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Patient Safety

COVID-19 means things are different at Thundermist. We take steps to make sure you are safe at the health center. Here is what you can expect:
  • We screen everyone for symptoms of COVID-19 before they enter the building. We will ask you questions about your health. We will also take your temperature.
  • We will care for you if you have symptoms of COVID-19. We can care for you by phone or video. We can also care for you in the tents in our parking lots in Woonsocket and West Warwick. The tents are a respiratory clinic where we care for patients who are sick.
  • Everyone who enters the health center must wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, we will give you one.
  • All Thundermist employees wear a mask. Some will wear other protective equipment. You may see employees wearing face shields, goggles, gowns, and other things that help to protect them from COVID-19.
  • We clean all surfaces between every patient.
  • We keep at least a six-foot distance between all people.
  • Please do not bring anyone to your appointment. Only patients and employees are allowed in the building. Anyone who accompanies a patient will need to wait outside the building. There are several exceptions. Adults with developmental disabilities and children under the age of 19 are allowed one companion. Children two months and younger are allowed two companions.

COVID-19 Testing

  • Thundermist Health Center has drive-up and walk-up testing in Woonsocket and West Warwick. You must have an appointment. Call (401) 767-4100.
  • There is no out-of-pocket cost for testing. We do not ask questions about immigration status.
  • If you feel sick, you should get a test.
  • We also offer asymptomatic testing for people who attended a large gathering or work in close contact to other people.
  • Test results take up to ten days. We will call you when test results are available.

What does a COVID-19 test feel like?

  • The test will feel weird and be uncomfortable. We will stick a thin swab up your nose until it reaches the back of your throat. The test takes about 15 seconds. Your eyes may water and you might sneeze. The discomfort will go away almost immediately. The person who does the test will have on full personal protective equipment, including a shield, mask, and gown.


We Care Line

If you have comments, questions, or concerns, please call the We Care Line at (401) 235-6826 or email

  We will care for you even if you cannot pay.  

You may be eligible for discounts based on income and family size. Discounts are available, even if you have insurance.  We can help you apply for health insurance. Please tell us if you need help paying for health care. 

Lo cuidaremos incluso si no puede pagar. Puede ser elegible para recibir descuentos según los ingresos y el tamaño de la familia. Los descuentos están disponibles, incluso si tiene un seguro. Podemos ayudarle a solicitar un seguro de salud. Díganos si necesita ayuda para pagar la atención de salud.  

Please tell us if you need a translator.

Infórmenos si necesita un traductor. 
Veuillez nous informer si vous avez besoin d'un traducteur. 
Xin cho chúng tôi biết nếu bn cn thông dch viên. 
Por favor diga-nos se precisa de um tradutor. 

 يُرجى إبلاغنا إذا كنت بحاجة إلى مترجم.

Contacting Thundermist

Our call hold times are very long. Do not call us with non-urgent issues. If you have the patient portal, please use it. If you need to sign-up, call (401) 424-9308. Call your pharmacy for all refills.


Contactando a Thundermist.  Nuestros tiempos de espera de llamadas son muy largas. Por favor no nos llame con problemas que no son urgentes.  Si tiene el portal del paciente, Úselo. Si necesita registrarse, llame as (401) 424-9308.


Patient Resources

Need other help?

211 provides the most up-to-date information on helpful resources, including emergency food. Uninsured people may be eligible for low- or no-cost health insurance. Please visit

¿Necesitas otra ayuda? 211 brinda la información mas actualizada sobre recursis útiles, incluyendo comida de emergencia. Las personas sin seguro pueden ser elegibles para un seguro de salud bajo costo o sin costo. Visita a para mas información.

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