Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values2022-08-15T11:58:45-04:00

Our Mission

To improve the health of our patients and communities by delivering exceptional health care, removing barriers to that care, and advancing healthy lifestyles.

Our Vision

Every member of the Thundermist community can lead a healthy life.

Our Values

CARING: We bring passion and commitment to serve our diverse communities, patients and each other in a safe environment.

COMMUNITY: We respect the knowledge and skills of our local partners, patients, and employees. We support, create, and lead opportunities for growth and development.

INNOVATION: We develop, adopt, and contribute to advancements for improved health. We share knowledge openly with our staff, partners, patients, and communities.

EXCELLENCE: We maintain high standards and deliver exceptional results.

INTEGRITY: We are champions and advocates for our patients, communities, and each other. We stay true to our mission, vision, and values.

DIVERSITY: We are committed to building and fostering a team that is representative of the communities we serve, to ensure that all our patients, staff, and community members are seen, heard, and valued.

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