Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management2020-08-31T14:50:19-04:00

Chronic Disease Management

Thundermist has participated in the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) diabetes collaborative since 1999. It has made a difference in patient outcomes at Thundermist in Woonsocket—lowering the collective Hemoglobin A1c levels of diabetic patients across all sites.

Thundermist currently provides comprehensive care to more than 1,000 diabetics across our system of care. After sending teams to participate in collaborative training in diabetes, we spread the program to all our sites.

Thundermist continually focuses on finding new and innovative ways to manage chronic diseases and eliminate health disparities among its patients. Our meaningful use of data gained from electronic records, coupled with our chronic care team, nurse care managers, and the clinical affairs department have allowed us to make progress.

We continue to develop initiatives in preventive health, including the school-based obesity management program development in Woonsocket, the nutritional program expansion in all sites to include farmer’s markets and gardens, the use of group visits for pregnancy, diabetes, asthma and tobacco cessation.

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