Medical Services

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Medical Services

Thundermist provides primary health care to people of all ages, from birth to seniors at its primary care facilities in Woonsocket, West Warwick, and South County.

Outside of our health centers, we provide care at:

  • A school-based health center in West Warwick serving the Middle School and High School
  • A school-based health center in Woonsocket High School

Our team of medical providers include physicians, certified nurse practitioners, registered nurses, nurse care managers, pharmacists, and medical assistants. We have on-call providers 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Services include: primary care, pediatrics, prenatal care, EKG and routine lab tests, immunizations, confidential HIV testing, family planning and pregnancy testing, chronic disease management, Medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders.

We offer a sliding fee discount program for patients who are income eligible.

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Thundermist participates in a wide range of preventive health programs sponsored by RI Department of Health. These programs include immunization programs, STD screening, HIV testing, lead screening, diabetes control, Title X family planning, asthma education, adolescent and school-based health care initiatives.

HIV Care2020-07-05T11:01:14-04:00

Thundermist runs one of Rhode Island’s two Ryan White Title III Early Intervention Services programs for comprehensive care for people living with HIV.  We offer medical, dental, and behavioral health services.

School-Based and Adolescent Care2020-07-05T11:02:10-04:00

Thundermist runs a school-based health center at the Woonsocket High School and the West Warwick Middle School/High School serving students from those two schools. The school-based health centers offer prevention programs specifically geared to adolescents including family planning and STD screening, behavioral health counseling, dental screening, preventive and episodic care.

Laboratory Services2020-07-05T11:06:49-04:00

Thundermist provides all CLIA waived diagnostic tests on-site, including pregnancy testing, oral HIV testing, rapid in-office assays, glucose screening, urinalysis and microscopic specimen analysis. All other diagnostic laboratory services are provided through contractual arrangement with Lifespan Labs.

X-ray Services2020-08-12T09:43:04-04:00

Thundermist Health Center of West Warwick offers diagnostic imaging services. The service, offered through a partnership with Advanced Radiology, provides the community with in-house access to digital x-ray imaging on a walk-in basis.

Diagnostic imaging services are available weekdays, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Obstetrical Care2020-10-07T16:51:23-04:00

Thundermist Health Center offers prenatal care, labor and delivery services, postpartum care, and newborn care to our community. The prenatal program provides patients with high-quality prenatal care and babies with healthy and strong beginnings.

We arrange smooth transitions back to the health center after delivery for ongoing pediatric, postpartum, and primary care. We also have a strong behavioral health and social services department to assist with any emotional or social needs.

In addition, we offer medication-assisted treatment (Subutex) for prenatal patients with opiate use disorders. Thundermist will help to individualize your delivery plan and manage any symptoms of withdrawal your newborn may experience

We value our provider-patient relationship and focus on building this connection over the course of your pregnancy.

We are always accepting new pregnant patients.


The team of providers in Woonsocket includes family doctors and certified nurse midwives:

  • Kristen Matteson, MD
  • Erica Fullerton, CNM
  • Megan McKain, CNM

Thundermist of Woonsocket patients deliver at Landmark Medical Center and Women & Infants Hospital. Once you go into labor, your care is managed by assigned staff at the hospital. Some of our staff participate in the coverage at these hospitals. The Thundermist pediatric team is here to help care for your newborn once you are discharged.

West Warwick

The team of providers in West Warwick includes family doctors and a certified nurse midwife:

  • Sara Delaporta, MD
  • Jennifer Buckley, MD
  • Meghan Grant, DO
  • Marla Hansel, MD
  • Jessica Marrero, MD
  • Inna Ryvkin, MD
  • Michelle Blade Mello, CNM, FNP

These family medicine providers provide care for babies, children, teenagers, and adults, including to additional family members and friends as requested.

Once you go into labor, your care is managed by Jennifer Buckley, MD, and Inna Ryvkin, MD, at Kent Hospital. The Thundermist pediatric team, under the direction of Jennifer Buckley, MD, will also see your baby in the hospital if you plan on receiving pediatric care at Thundermist.

Thundermist of Woonsocket

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Thundermist of South County

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