Medicare Recipients Can Get a Free Wellness Visit Every Year

If you are a Medicare recipient, you are eligible to receive an Annual Wellness Visit at Thundermist. The  Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is a yearly preventative care visit that is covered under Medicare and free to you.

The Annual Wellness Visit will be performed by a Thundermist medical provider who works closely with your primary care provider (PCP). This type of visit is a specific evaluation that is intended to help you and your PCP develop a plan for identifying and addressing any potential medical problems.

How Is the Annual Medicare Wellness Visit Different From Other Medical Visits?

  • This visit is different from a yearly physical examination.
  • The visit focuses on a review of your medical and family history, your current prescriptions and vaccines, fall prevention, advance care planning, and personalized health advice.
  • You will likely not need any blood tests during this visit.
  • We would like you to schedule an appointment with your PCP if you are not feeling well or are concerned about a medical problem.

What Is the Annual Medicare Wellness Visit?

  • This visit includes a review of the current state of your health, an assessment of your risk for certain diseases, a cognitive assessment, and learning your plan for staying well.
  • Completion of a health risk assessment questionnaire (which can be done over the phone).
  • An examination by a medical provider who works closely with your PCP at a Thundermist location or in your home.
  • Thundermist can provide transportation to your appointment if necessary.
  • We may refer you for screenings or services outside of this appointment.

How Do I Schedule My Annual Medicare Wellness Visit?

Call our dedicated phone number to schedule your appointment:

For Woonsocket patients: 401.767.4100, ext. 3214

For West Warwick patients: 401.615.2800, ext. 3214

For Wakefield patients: 401.783.0523, ext. 3214