Size-Inclusive Health Care

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Size-Inclusive Health Care

The Size-Inclusive Health Care Team focuses on the health and wellness of people of all sizes. We address the impact weight-stigma* has on physical and mental health. Together, we move away from weight as a measure of health and move towards body acceptance.

*Weight-stigma is the negative attitudes, actions, and assumptions about a person’s weight, shape, or size and can impact their mental, social, and physical health. Weight-stigma is also a public health issue that causes disparities in health outcomes, healthcare access, education, employment, and many other areas.

** Weight stigma is also described as weight bias, weight discrimination, weight-based bullying or teasing, body shaming, fat shaming, obesity bias, anti-fat, and more.

What is the Size-Inclusive Health Care?

We focus on the overall health and wellness of people of all sizes. We understand the impact weight stigma has on a person’s physical and mental health. The Size-Inclusive Health Team provides high-quality patient-centered compassionate health care that values each person’s lived experience. Together, we will move away from weight as a measure of health. We will move towards body acceptance and create goals to enhance health of any body size, shape, or weight.

What can I expect with Size-Inclusive Health?

You can expect the same patient-centered quality primary care and behavioral health care Thundermist offers. We work to reduce the negative attitudes and assumptions about weight that impact a person’s health outcomes. We will focus on improving overall health instead of the person’s weight, size, or shape.

Who should use the Size-Inclusive Health approach?

People of all shapes and sizes who are ready to focus on health and:

  • Move away from a focus on weight or weight-loss
  • Stop worrying about weight, size, or shape
  • Improve Body Image Issues
  • Decreasing body shame and guilt
  • Coping with weight stigma, weight discrimination, or weight-based bullying
  • Build body acceptance and self-esteem

What are the signs I am impacted by weight stigma?

You may be impacted by weight stigma if you:

  • Avoid medical appointments because of weight
  • Feel depressed or anxious about body size, shape or weight
  • Chronic or extreme dieting
  • Chronic or extreme exercise
  • Yo-yo diet or weight cycle
  • Worry a lot about weight or weight gain
  • Avoid social or family interactions due to fear of weight-based judgment or comments
  • Have a poor relationship with food and/or movement
  • Have a poor body image
  • Have low self-esteem due to body size, shape, or weight
  • Experienced weight/body shaming or humiliation
  • Experienced weight-based bullying or teasing as a child that shapes how to think about yourself or your body.

How do I ask for Size-Inclusive Health Care?

Please call (401) 767-4100 and request an appointment with a Size-Inclusive Health Provider. If you are already a patient, please talk with your medical or behavioral health provider.

Training Opportunities

The Size-Inclusive Health Care Manager is available to facilitate trainings at your organization to help build size-inclusive cultural, environmental, wellness, and clinical competencies. Contact Krista Handfield, LCSW at or 401-615-2800 ext. 4994

For questions about the program, please contact Size-Inclusive Health Care Manager, Krista Handfield at, or 401-615-2800 ext. 4994.

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