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COVID-19 might be getting all the attention, but there are still a lot of other illnesses and injuries that need care – and Thundermist has got you covered.

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Thundermist is a Federally Qualified Community Health Center serving Woonsocket, West Warwick, and South County for more than 50 years.

Our Patient Contact Center is ready to assist you. Call (401) 767-4100.

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If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please call our WeCare line at 401-235-6826 or email WeCare@ThundermistHealth.org.

Vaccine Appointments
Vaccine Information
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Most people can safely manage their COVID-19 symptoms at home

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What Does a COVID-19 Test Feel Like?

The test will feel weird and be uncomfortable. We will stick a thin swab up your nose until it reaches the back of your throat. The test takes about 15 seconds. Your eyes may water and you might sneeze. The discomfort will go away almost immediately. The person who does the test will have on full personal protective equipment, including a shield, mask, and gown.

We will care for you even if you cannot pay

You may be eligible for discounts based on income and family size. Discounts are available, even if you have insurance. We can help you apply for health insurance. Please tell us if you need help paying for health care.

Please tell us if you need a translator

Infórmenos si necesita un traductor.
Veuillez nous informer si vous avez besoin d’un traducteur.
Xin cho chúng tôi biết nếu bn cn thông dch viên.
Por favor diga-nos se precisa de um tradutor.
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