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Dental Services

Thundermist’s Dental services are located at 25 John A. Cummings Way.  Dental services are available to people of all ages, regardless of income or insurance.

We offer a sliding fee scale for patients who are income eligible. Please call for an appointment.

Meet Our Dental Providers
  • Location

25 John A. Cummings Way
3rd & 4th floor, BOA Building
Woonsocket, RI 02895
Phone: 401-767-4161  |  Fax: 401-767-5441

  • Driving Directions to 25, John A. Cummings Way

Step 1: Take Rte. 146 to Rte. 99N
Step 2: Take a left at the end of Rte. 99 onto Mendon Road
Step 3: Continue straight onto Cumberland Hill Road
Step 4: Follow for approximately 2 miles and you will see a Walgreens on your left-hand side. Take the next left onto Social Street
Step 5: Take a left onto John A. Cummings Way
Step 6: Pull into the Bank of America parking lot on your left.

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