Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Thundermist is a federally funded community health center, and as such meets the statutory requirements for community health centers in terms of governance and management.

Thundermist has a strong Board of Directors, at least 51% of whom are users of the health center, as required by the federal government. Our Board’s consumer members are representative of the consumers we serve.

We have a wide range of diversity on our Board in terms of race, culture, income level, education level, lived experience, professional experience, and age.

Our Board of Directors include:

David Valois

Frank Ferri
Vice Chairperson

Douglas Fay

Linda Cannistra

Jeanne LaChance
President/CEO Ex-Officio

Eric Beane
Mary Ellen Caniglia
Erin Cooney
Sandra Enos, Ph.D
Timothy Henry, PhD
Cheryl King
Donald Larsen
Stephanie Mandeville
Randy Rice
Andrea Rollin
Lawrence Trim

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