Thundermist's Board of Directors at a Groundbreaking

The Thundermist Board of Directors most recent event was the groundbreaking for the new dental facility in West Warwick.

Curious About Serving on Thundermist’s Board of Directors?

Did you ever wonder how Thundermist decides the services we provide and the activities we support?

We have a board of directors that drives our strategic work, oversees our operations, and provides mission-based leadership, while leaving the day-to-day activities to the senior staff.

More than half of our board members are patients of Thundermist Health Center!

The Role of the Thundermist Board of Directors

As a member of Thundermist’s Board of Directors, we are part of a team that ensures that Thundermist achieves its mission in an ethical, transparent, accountable, and prudent manner. Our job is governance–the ongoing process of due diligence. The board operates as a collective to ensure Thundermist’s health and effectiveness.

On the board, we influence values, mission and standards of Thundermist and set controls and policies to ensure these are met by all our programs activities and operations.

We define and monitor the key areas of performance and compare those with short- and long-range strategy and plans, review results, and ensure that steps are taken for continuous quality improvement in all areas.

Though we do not run the day-to-day finances, we oversee financial activities to ensure long-term stability and that our services are sustainable.

Another important board activity is to ensure that adequate risk management is in place. This means that we review plans for safety and security, insurance, data backup, CEO succession, board officer and board member succession, and more.

Defining the role of and hiring the CEO is our responsibility on the board. We then appraise the CEO’s performance; set compensation; reward competence; and, if necessary, replace the individual.

Finally, the board ensures Thundermist is compliant with relevant laws and regulations with the help of our outstanding executive leadership team.

Your Role as an Individual Board Member

As a board member you join a committed group of volunteers who care deeply about Thundermist Health Center’s mission.

The board meets monthly, the first Monday of each month from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

You will be asked to adhere to the expectations below that will be reviewed before your nomination.
• As a board member, you believe in, advocate for, and support Thundermist’s mission, vision, and values.
• You treat others with respect and listen to feedback and input from all members.
• Represent Thundermist positively in the community.
• Focus on the good of the organization independent from personal agendas.
• Support board decisions once they are made.
• Maintain confidentiality unless otherwise authorized to do so.
• Serve on at least one committee.
• Meet the attendance policy.
• Vote in all decisions for which you form part of the quorum present.

For the full board member job description, click here.

For a full list of Bylaws click here.

I am Interested – Now What?

Great! We are excited to begin learning more about you and your passion for equitable health care. Please e-mail or call Amanda Barney at or 401-235-6812.

Here is an idea of what comes next:
• Amanda will reach out to you – your first step, an interview with the Nominating Committee. They want to learn more about your connection and passion for Thundermist.
• They will then decide whether or not to bring your nomination to the full board for a vote.
• If you move forward, the board will take a vote whether or not to approve your appointment as a board member.
• If approved, you will participate in a board orientation where you will meet with the CEO and other members of the senior leadership team.
• You will get a buddy! They will be there to help you get acclimated and answer questions.