Social Services

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Social Services

Social services are provided to Thundermist patients based upon need and the eligibility criteria of each program.

Social services include:

  • Outreach & Enrollment Workers: O & E Workers assist Rhode Island residents in completing applications for health insurance through HealthSource RI.  When necessary, they help these individuals obtain the necessary documentation paperwork, upload the application to HSRI, troubleshoot problems and track the progress of the application process.
  • Case Management Services: Case management covers a broad range of services provided to Thundermist patients. Additionally, Social Service staff members assist patients and providers through advocacy efforts, outreach, patient tracking and coordination with other community-based treatment agencies.
  • Prescription Assistance: Social services staff assist currently active patients in obtaining necessary medical and psychiatric medications though:
    – 340B pricing through the Thundermist / CVS & Walgreen Pharmacies partnership
    – Pharmacy Assistance Programs
    – Pharmaceutical Company Prescription Samples
  • Ryan White Part C: HIV-positive patients are offered the following services:
    – Medical care
    – Dental care
    – Coordination with HIV clinical trials
    – Behavioral health counseling
    – Prevention counseling
    – Nutritional assessment and counseling
    – Pharmacy consultation
    – Adherence counseling
    – Thundermist patients are also provided with free, on-site confidential HIV testing through this program
  • Food Pantry: Thundermist patients have access to basic food items available in our on-site food pantry.  Our case managers also assist patients in securing food from community partners.

Health Care for the Homeless

Thundermist has a comprehensive outreach program to ensure service providers who work with the homeless know about the services we offer. Thundermist conducts outreach in the local family shelter/emergency apartment complex where all new residents meet with the Thundermist social worker to enroll in our Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) program. Thundermist also conducts regular outreach at local domestic violence shelters and residential treatment programs. Thundermist’s caseworkers provide application assistance for social service programs and regular outreach at locations where homeless individuals may congregate; including local soup kitchens, bus depots, and our social service agency partners.

Thundermist provides case management services to HCH patients. Our social workers and medical providers make referrals for our HCH patients to community based organizations that provide substance abuse services to our HCH patients. Referrals may include detoxification, methadone maintenance, residential treatment, and a variety of outpatient services.

Thundermist also coordinates care and referrals with local service providers for all ancillary support services including housing, job training, literacy training.  These organizations include faith based organizations, local housing authorities, housing and economic development organizations, and social service organizations.  Staff meet with representatives from these organizations regularly to ensure that adequate referral systems exist and collaborate to reduce barriers to services and to ensure continuity of care for individual clients.  Thundermist participates in coalitions and groups that ensure continuity of care and/or advocate on behalf of people who are homeless.

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