Medical Services

X-ray Services

Thundermist Health Center of West Warwick offers diagnostic imaging services. The service, offered through a partnership with Advanced Radiology, provides the community with in-house access to digital X-ray imaging on a walk-in basis. Diagnostic imaging services are available weekdays 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Laboratory Services

Thundermist provides all CLIA-waived diagnostic tests on-site, including pregnancy testing, oral HIV testing, glucose screening, urinalysis, and microscopic specimen analysis. All other diagnostic laboratory services are provided through contractual arrangement with Lifespan Labs.

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School-Based and Adolescent Care

Thundermist runs school-based health centers, also known as "Health Huts" at Woonsocket High School, as well as at West Warwick High School and John Deering Middle School in West Warwick. The Health Huts offer prevention programs specifically geared toward adolescents, including behavioral health counseling, STI screening, age-appropriate reproductive healthcare, dental screening, and preventive care,

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HIV Care

Thundermist provides comprehensive care for people living with HIV, including medical, dental, and behavioral health services. Thundermist is a recipient of Ryan White CARE Act funds, which is a federal program designed to assist individuals living with HIV.

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Preventive Health Services

Thundermist participates in a wide range of preventive health programs sponsored by RI Department of Health. These programs include immunization programs, STI screening and treatment, HIV testing, lead screening, diabetes control, Title X family planning, asthma education, and adolescent and school-based healthcare initiatives.

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