Thundermist Health Center’s New Oral Hygiene Program offers basic dental care in their medical facility

Warwick – March 1, 2020
Thundermist’s new oral health program in Woonsocket offers basic dental care in the primary care setting. Two licensed public health hygienists work at 450 Clinton Street in Woonsocket to provide oral health care to patients up to age 20, directly following their medical appointment.

Thundermist works to identify patients who have not received dental care in the past year and could benefit from this program. Public health hygienists are licensed by the State of Rhode Island and employed by Thundermist. Public health hygienists provide oral health care outside of a dentist office. They make it easier and more convenient for children to get the dental care they need.

The new program provides basic oral hygiene services such as a basic screening, dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, sealants, nutritional counseling, and oral hygiene instructions. Patients will be referred to a dentist for additional services.

“This new program offers important basic dental care for patients who may not have been to the dentist in years,” said Eric Prosseda, DMD, dental director. “It is very important for children to receive proper dental care before age one. Baby teeth are important for the overall health and development of children. They help with nutrition, speaking, and socializing. Baby teeth also play a role in the healthy development of a child’s adult teeth.”

Thundermist of Woonsocket is the only health center with this program in Rhode Island. Thundermist Health Center has three dental locations throughout Rhode Island accepting new pediatric patients. Thundermist accepts most insurances and offers sliding fee discounts for the uninsured.

Thundermist Health Center is a full-service primary care provider with dental and behavioral health services. The non-profit community health center aims to improve the health of patients and communities by delivering exceptional health care, removing barriers to that care, and advancing healthy lifestyles. Thundermist has locations in West Warwick, Woonsocket, and South County. The organization cares for patients regardless of insurance and ability to pay. In 2019, Thundermist cared for more than 51,000 patients.